Bad Boys of Philosophy

In this episode the LoP crew failed to get on the same page topic-wise.  Pat brings an interesting perspective on racism and pedophilia in the white-guy philosopher's circle to the table while Jared is fixated on thinkers' hypocrisies.  You will hear an angry Jared describe how simple it is to not rape people, Pat will bum everyone out by pointing out how recently people have tried to lower the age of consent and, on an upbeat note, you can play a game at home we're calling "How many times can Jared confuse people's names?"  Enjoy! 

Why the Western Philosphical Canon is Xenophobic and Racist

New Year's Resevolutions

In this episode Jared and Patrick discuss seizing your destiny and making the most of your New Years Resolutions.  We discuss the general concept of human motivation and then dial into personal motivations.  If you need a little pep talk or some good tips as to how to maintain your resolutions then look no further.

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