Retired Toys and Broke Boys

In this nearly lost episode, recorded almost two months ago, Pat and Jared dissect Avengers: Endgame and analyze a little noticed news story about exactly how much money Donald Trump lost in the 90's. We like to think this is still timely since Endgame is coming back to theaters to outsell every other thing ever.

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And You Get An Endgame

In this episode, P[redacted]red take a futurist look at the Mue[redacted]rt and consider why actions [redacted] law. For act two we look at information released about the Sackler Family and consider morality around the opiod epidemic. We wrap up with a messy conversation about phobias in comedy and Top Three our hopes for Avengers: Endgame.

Here’s the fastest way to do corrections on the details Jared got wrong about the Sackler Family Protests:

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It's Mueller Time!

In this episode, which is our relaunch of Season 3, Pat and Jared take a look around the William Barr summary of the Robert Mueller report and consider confirmation bias on both sides of the aisle. Then, because we have a new format, we talk about a completely separate second topic which is new movies not featuring white men. So, to summarize, this episode will make almost all white guys happy and then lonely. Enjoy!

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Communication Mash-Up

In this episode Pat and Jared discuss Alan Alda's new book "If I Understood You Would I Have This Look On My Face". We discuss improv games, Viola Spolin, how to be a good salesperson and, more importantly, how to be a good person through listening. Before you can gain this skill you'll need to give Life of Philosophy a listen.

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Repentance for your Thoughts

In this episode Pat and Jared over analyze how people should apologize and how people should hear apologies.  Pat rehashes some memories of when he was offended by someone while being offended by Jared's asinine sense of humor.  
Note: this episode was recorded before Uma Thurman made her statement about Tarantino and Weinstein.


Bad Boys of Philosophy

In this episode the LoP crew failed to get on the same page topic-wise.  Pat brings an interesting perspective on racism and pedophilia in the white-guy philosopher's circle to the table while Jared is fixated on thinkers' hypocrisies.  You will hear an angry Jared describe how simple it is to not rape people, Pat will bum everyone out by pointing out how recently people have tried to lower the age of consent and, on an upbeat note, you can play a game at home we're calling "How many times can Jared confuse people's names?"  Enjoy! 

Why the Western Philosphical Canon is Xenophobic and Racist